Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nothing Up My Sleeve!

I've learned a new trick! My parents are so proud, they hoot and holler every time they catch see me doing it. One time, dad was so happy, he shot me with a squirt gun. Oh, what a happy day that was!!

You see, I know how to get up on the furniture now. Isn't that cool!! And now that I can get on the furniture, I can climb up the back of the sofa and onto the counter where dad leaves the cat food. Oh, it's so yummy! He gives her canned food all the time now. He only gave me canned food when I was sick (and I think he hid medicine in it, too). I haven't gotten much but the leftovers of the canned food but the dry food is soooo gooood.

Well, I've got things to sniff... until next time.

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