Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cardboard, and chewies, and treats! Oh, my!

So there I was, lounging around the living room when I spotted it. A nice, chewlicious looking, cardboard box. I like to chew on cardboard boxes.

The box was just a leetle bit out of my reach but it was in a bag... this was going to be an easy target.

I got the bag down and got the box out and commenced to gnawing on that cardboard. Mmm, mmm, it was GOOD. Well, no sooner did I get through the first layer then I discovered there were all these little plastic chewie things inside... and they were individually wrapped! What more could a puppy ask for?

I chewed through that cardboard even faster and soon had that box right open where I could get at those chewies. I pulled each and every one of them out and set them before me. I stared at them for a while then plucked one out and started chewing. I like plastic, too.

Little did I know that these were magic chewies. As I chewed, I suddenly got this burst of crunchy orange flavor. Wow! There were treats hidden in these chewies. I went after another, then another, then another. One of them gave me two crunchy bursts!

I wanted dad to see what I had discovered so I went to his room where he was working on that computer thingy he has. He had the door closed so I whined at him a little bit and he came out to say hi.

He must have really thought it was cool that I got those chewies out because he rushed in and got mom out of bed and grabbed the phone book. I don't know who he called, exactly, but he told them all about it. He told them I'd gotten into the box, pulled out the packets and eaten four or five of those crunchy, orange treats. (I think he called them Singulair) For some reason, he didn't sound proud. He sounded a little upset.

Oh, well. Didn't slow me down a bit.

Editor's note: Teddy ate 4 or 5 chewable Singulair tablets this morning. I called the vet hospital and they basically said to keep an eye on him and especially watch his breathing. If I notice anything out of the ordinary, I should bring him in... What a way to wake up on a Sunday.

Monday, June 13, 2005

An Update for Molly


Dad told me that Molly was pestering for an update so here goes.

I'm getting much better at not going to the bathroom in the house. Dad gets disappointed when I don't make it outside (or don't tell him I need to go out) but he doesn't yell at me. He understands that sometimes I still just can't help it.

Aunt Mary, Molly's mom, says I'm starting to lose that puppy look. I think I agree with her. Even though I can now reach over and drink out of the tall water bowl, I'm still short. Dad thinks I'm going to stay fairly little but he's taken to calling me "Chunk" now and then 'cause I'm so solid and muscular (grrrr!).

One thing I still like to do a lot is chew. I'll chew on anything. Carpet, furniture covers, shoes, boxes, shoe boxes (I love cardboard!), HACs (Human Approved Chewies)... doesn't matter. Chew chew chew chew chew... I like to unstuff my toys now, too, just like my new brother JD.

Ooh, here comes the cat. I've got some sniffing to do.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Me and Dad on the way to the vet.

Dad, Samantha and I had to go back to the vet on Saturday. I really enjoyed the ride over. Me and Sam jumped in the back seat but we could barely see out the windows. I decided to try to go back up front but my body's still too short to bridge the gap. I ended up standing with my back feet on the edge of the seat and my front paws on the center console. That's what I'm doing in the picture. It was great to ride there because I could see lots of stuff and dad talked to me like we were best buds.

When we got there, the doctor said I had gained seven pounds in the last three weeks! I'm getting to be a big boy now.

After we got home, Samantha's new mom came and got her. But JD and I are still together and we're having as much fun as ever!

Until next time...