Monday, June 13, 2005

An Update for Molly


Dad told me that Molly was pestering for an update so here goes.

I'm getting much better at not going to the bathroom in the house. Dad gets disappointed when I don't make it outside (or don't tell him I need to go out) but he doesn't yell at me. He understands that sometimes I still just can't help it.

Aunt Mary, Molly's mom, says I'm starting to lose that puppy look. I think I agree with her. Even though I can now reach over and drink out of the tall water bowl, I'm still short. Dad thinks I'm going to stay fairly little but he's taken to calling me "Chunk" now and then 'cause I'm so solid and muscular (grrrr!).

One thing I still like to do a lot is chew. I'll chew on anything. Carpet, furniture covers, shoes, boxes, shoe boxes (I love cardboard!), HACs (Human Approved Chewies)... doesn't matter. Chew chew chew chew chew... I like to unstuff my toys now, too, just like my new brother JD.

Ooh, here comes the cat. I've got some sniffing to do.

Until next time...


Aunt Murry said...
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Aunt Murry said...

Hello my doggie cousin. I am dictating this to my mom. She said that was a better word to use instead of 'write this down while I tell it to you'. Anyway, thanks for the post. I can't wait to meet you. Sam Cody might be jealous but he seemed to do well with JD. Just remember that I am the cutest yorkie that ever was and ever will be and we will get along just fine. Until next time...Molls.

Aunt Murry said...

Molly can be a bit stuck up but she is so cute she can get away with it. Don't lose all you puppiness too fast. I like Chunk.

Aunt Murry said...

Molly says she wants more pictures. She wants to see what he looks like now. She forgot to tell you that in her comment.