Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Everybody's Awake, Now

Last night, dad had just turned off the light when something brushed against me. I don't know if it was JD or that cat thing but I couldn't tell 'cause my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. I got startled and jumped up and just started barking as loud and as fast as I could. Dad jumped out of bed hollering, "What is it!? What is it!?"

When he finally turned on the light, I looked around, then looked at him and thought, "Oh, it's nothing... sorry."

Until next time.


Aunt Murry said...

Last night there were cats howling outside our new house and that was making Sam Cody and I bark really loud so maybe it was the cats that were outside our house?

(Molly doesn't understand the concept of distance)

Oh Momma be quiet. It could have been those kitties.

Holly said...

Moms and Dads never understand. There are boogeymen, cats, and STRANGE DOGS everywhere.

I mean, the other night I was outside and I was trying to tell them something weird was going on. They opened the door and made me come in. Then they said something like "would just just shut up it's an owl"

Well, all I have to say is. Owls are dangerous. Obviously. Just listen to the noise they make!

Stupid Moms and Dads. They just don't realize their lives are constantly in danger.